When we used to watch this episodes as kids we never got to really see the real message the writers were sending, let’s reveal them:

That time Heracross touched Bulbasaur as he pleased, he really loves to touch poor Bulbasaur.

Heracross love to touch Bulbasaur

When Brock went crazy and started humping sweety Sudowoodo!

Brock humps Sudowoodo

That time Pikachu enjoyed being hold on Ash’s mom’s arms while he was watching.

Pikachus is feeling Ashs Mom

When Ampharos got too much intimate with many Mareep, this is scary.

Ampharos gets intimate with Mareep

When Professor Oak got to second base with a Miltank, he just started touching poor Miltank!

Miltank and Proffesor Oak

When Caterpie started to fill up Ekans with his string shot! 

Caterpie just came

When Victreebel tried to deep-throat Lickitung, wow this guys is power bottom.

Victebreel can really deepthroat

Believe us we found many more, which ones was your favorite?