The 113rd episode of the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime series features a homage to the magical girl series Precure. The episode has aired in Japan, and clips of the homage have finally been uploaded to Youtube.

Procure Homeage - Pokemon Anime

In the episode’s subplot, Mallow, Lillie and Lana are cast as replacement actresses in an Alolan TV show that strongly resembles Precure: Alola DrinKyun. Although we don’t get to see the finished Alola DrinKyun episode until the very end, it still turns out to be a pretty accurate and cute homage.

Pink Procure Homeage
Blue Procure Homeage
Yellow Procure Homeage

Below are two clips featuring the team’s transformation sequence and their finishing move. The clips also come with subtitles, and were uploaded by Rad Dudesman on Youtube. Enjoy!