Trainers prepare all of your Bagon candy!

The Pokémon Go April Community Day for Pokémon Go has been announced and we have the complete details. This Community Day will be focused on none other then one of our favorite dragon types: Bagon.

The official appointment will start at 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. on April 13, in your local time zone.

Bagon in Pokémon Go

Bagons are rarely seen and spawns are even more rare. Trainer you will have a chance to hatch them out of 10 kilometer eggs, but it’s a small chance. If you still don’t have a Salamence, this is the best chance to get your hands on one. Remeber that this time you will also get a chance on getting the shiny Bagon, which by the way looks awesome!

Where can you get a shiny Salamance?

The shiny version of Bagon, Shelgon and Salamance will become available on April 13 for Community Day. There will be an increased chance to catch shiny Bagon and better yet this version will be added to the game. This only means that you will now be able to catch and hatch shiny Bagons after the event of Pokémon Go.

Shiny Bagon in Pokémon Go Community Day

When you evolve your Bagon to Salamence you will be able to teach it Outrage. Outrage with with Dragon Tail can be the best attacking moveset. Your Salamence will learn the exclusive move as long as it’s evolved during the Community Day three-hour period or up to an hour after it ends. In short: you have until 7 p.m. in your timezone to complete the evolution or else you will lose this opportunity.

To get a strong Bagon we have few tips. First of all head over to an area where you can find a lot of Pokéstops and get ready cause you will have a lot of chances to catch your Bagons in the different spawns. Remember that this time lures will last three hours instead of 30 minutes. The XP will be tripled, this means that if you have extra Lucky Eggs you can use them to get six times the amount of XP from catching Pokémon.

Salamance in Pokémon Go

Without a doubt Salamance can be one of the best dragon type attackers in the game. One important thing to keep in mind is to be sure to use Pinap Berries to get multiple Bagon candy. Always check all of your Bagons to see which one is the best to evolve, it’s important to evolve the one with the best IVs and get yourself with a strong Salamance.