The Youtube channel New Frame Plus has shared a new video that shows the fans how the battle animations have evolved in the different pokémon games all the way to generation seven.

Check it out so you can be ready for the new generation of Pokémon that will be realeased later this year: Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch.

Chikorita vs. Ratata
Blue in pokémon battle!

Of course not everything can be reduce on how much effort was put on each game.

Torchic vs. Zigzagoon

Some Pokémon games took a certain direction in animation due to style issues, and that feature helps us to clearly relate each match with the version of each game.

Tepig vs. Patrat
Raichu vs. Ivysaur

It’s be important to know if the encounters in Pokémon Ranger should be consider as battles.
Check out the video below:

What do you guys think trainers, do you have high expectation for the new generation?